SherrillTree is a business that is all about connecting tree enthusiasts with top quality gear at great prices. Primarily they provide arboricultural products to tree care professionals.

We stock a wide variety of Sherrill equipment at each of our four locations. Stop in today to learn more about these products!


Tree Climbing Rope

Select from a range of tree climbing ropes.

  • Samson Rope
  • Teufelberger Ropes
  • Yale Cordage
  • Sterling Rope

Rigging Ropes

  • Notch
  • Sterling
  • Samson
  • Teufelberger
  • Yale


    SHERRILLtree, the source for the finest pro selection of arborist supplies and climbing equipment for tree climbers.

    Harnesses and Saddles

    We have a large collection of tree climbing harnesses and saddles from the top brands in the industry.

    • Buckingham
    • CAMP
    • Edelrid
    • Klein
    • New Tribe
    • Notch Equipment
    • Petzl
    • Robertson
    • Stein
    • Teufelberger
    • Weaver

    Climbing Kits

    Each climbing kit features throwline, weights, a saddle, pulley kit, rope boss, necessary climbing accessories, and more!

    Spikes, Spurs and Pads

    Our tree climbing spikes, spurs, and pads from industry leading brands!

    • Weaver
    • Buckingham
    • Gecko
    • Kelin
    • Stein
    • Bashlin


    SHERRILLtree is your #1 source for the finest selection of pro quality rigging tools and rigging supplies. We carry brands such as,

    • Buckingham
    • CAMP
    • CMI
    • DMM
    • ISC
    • POWER Puller
    • Notch
    • Petzl
    • Rock Exotica
    • Rope Logic
    • SHERRILLtree
    • Stein
    • X-Rigging

    Tools & Hardware

    SHERRILLtree has a complete stock of high quality of tree care professional tools, tree trimming tools & hardware.

    • Carabiners
    • Chainsaws and Accessories
    • Climbing Hardware
    • Landscaping Tools
    • Wood Cutting tools
    • Friction Management
    • Replacement parts
    • Ladders
    • Arborist Accessories

    Safety & Personal Protective Equipment

    Proper PPE is the only way to go when working with trees and tree care equipment.

      • Gloves
      • Fall and Rescue
      • Hearing Protection
      • Helmets
      • Safety Glasses
      • Protective clothing
      • Safety and accessories
      • Safety Books

      Text and images provided by Sherrill Tree.