At Vermeer Sales and Service of Colorado, Inc. we value relationships and strive for customer satisfaction in every aspect of our business. We welcome and encourage feedback from our loyal patrons and view it as a valuable resource for maintaining exceptional customer satisfactory.                                                                                                                       


"OMG! Incredible I am owner & operator of a Royal Flush Plumbing LLC, because Andy and and his amazing team and top quality equipment my guys stay busy and productive meaning a better bottom Line! Proud to be the first to review you guys!!!"

-Jarrod M. (Owner of Royal Flush Plumbing LLC.)


"you guys are awesome, definitely fixed the problem on our chipper and we really appreciate you guys dropping it off."

​-Ned (Evergreen Rentals)


​"I"m very satisfied, you guys do a great job"

​-Aaron (A&M Lawn Specialist)


"Definitely Satisfied, your technician did a great job and was very professional"

-Justin (Alpine Disposal)


"Frank came out diagnosed ordered parts, Ricky came out few days later and installed parts. Frank really impressed me, you have to give him an A+"​

-Mark Van Thuyne (Van Thuyne-Downs, Inc.)


"Great equipment and always have what I need or can get it in a timely manner"

​-Alan Matthews