​The Centennial State of Colorado is known for its people who, with pioneer spirit, have taken courageous steps of risk and faith which have paid off. In spite of the many who have tried and failed, the relative few who succeeded have encouraged others to endeavor. This has made our state not only a desirable place to live, but a valuable asset to our nation, thus warranting the title, "The Empire State."

One such story begins in Grand Junction, Colorado, where Jon and Jeanetta Scott were born, raised and married. Jon worked for John Deere selling farm implements when the company built a new parts depot in Denver. He was transferred to the capitol city in 1958, choosing to work at Pete Honnen Equipment Company, selling John Deere backhoes and equipment rather than pulling parts at the depot.

On January 18th,1968, Jon and Jeanetta took the step to establish their own Colorado business, Empire Equipment Company, selling the John Deere Green Line (garden tractors). In August of that year, Vermeer approached Jon about being a dealer for them.

 Jon must have been good at answering the question "What's a Vermeer?", because by 1972, not only did the John Deere product line disappear at Empire Equipment Company, but so too did the name. Vermeer Sales and Service of Colorado, Inc. made its debut.

For over fifty years now, Jon and his Vermeer family have introduced Colorado to another pioneer in innovation from the state of Iowa. They no longer ask "What's a Vermeer?" in this state, they just want to know how to obtain one. The more one hears Jon relate the history of Vermeer designs being sold by his many competitors today, it is abundantly clear that Vermeer is the benchmark other manufacturers are racing to meet. A very few diverse examples of Vermeer firsts are the trencher, the rolled hay baler, the mini excavator, the tree spade and now, an adobe block maker.

Today, Vermeer Sales and Service of Colorado sits on 2.5 acres of land at 5801 E. 76th Ave., in Commerce City, Colorado, with branches in Colorado Springs, Grand Junction and the newest branch opening in Fort Collins. Jon and Jeanetta are now enjoying retirement while their three children, grandchildren and Vermeer family work hard to assure Vermeer Sales and Service of Colorado Inc. continues to grow and adapt with the fast paced world we live in today.

Why do business with us?  simple reason, our people! Our employees care about you and your business! Our people are proud of their company and it's products. They are the best in their field, and are all amazing, hard working individuals. With an average employee tenure of more than 11 years of service, they are highly trained, and passionate about our customers. They care and are your partners in the field providing you the best possible support in the industries you serve. They can answer your one-of-a-kind job condition needs to compliment your application.  

Why buy Vermeer products vs. competitor products? For one reason, our people. We believe that everyone at Vermeer Corporation, (headquartered in Pella, Iowa) are "our people" too. It is also a family-owned Midwest company, whose founding principles are the 4P's; Products, People, Profit and Principles. Vermeer's founding father, Gary Vermeer, had one simple slogan, "Find a need. Fill that need with a product built to last. And simply build the best!"   



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