Jobs change. The unexpected occurs. You need tooling now. BORESTORE® HDD tooling and accessories warehouse is your resource for the horizontal drill tooling, parts and accessories to get the job done. Contact your local Vermeer Colorado dealership for the parts you need.

Drill Rod

Firestick Drill Rod

Quality steel. Reliable construction. Precise tolerances. These are the qualities that describe the industry-leading Vermeer Firestick drill rod. The durability and performance of your drill rod is vital to your operation.

Constructed of forged and heat-treated, high-carbon alloy steel, Vermeer Firestick drill rod has earned a reputation in the industry for strength and consistent quality. From the robust threads to double-shouldered design, Firestick drill rod stands up in high-torque applications while maintaining a large inside diameter to help maximize drilling fluid flow.

Firestick drill rod threads match up, and the internal and external shoulders simultaneously make direct contact. This contact helps with joint quality and reliability, which helps you optimize productivity.

Silver Series Drill Rod

Not every job is created equal. That’s why Vermeer offers an industry-leading lineup of drill rods, no matter the project at hand. For jobs where steerability is crucial and ground conditions might be challenging, there’s Firestick drill rod, the industry gold standard, with unmatched quality and steering performance meant for the biggest and toughest jobs.

When straightforward, less-aggressive projects require a budget-conscious option, there’s Silver Series drill rod. Comprised of one-piece forged, S135 grade steel, and threaded in the same U.S. state-of-the-art facility as Firestick drill rod, it is designed for moderate steering applications.

Drive Chucks and Sub Savers

Preassembled to help provide proper torque and makeup, Vermeer drive chucks and sub savers are manufactured to the exacting tolerances of Vermeer horizontal directional drills.

Forged from durable Vermeer-specified alloy steel, drive chucks carry increased strength at the flange, as opposed to billet-manufactured assemblies.

Vermeer sub savers are made of rugged Vermeer-specified alloy steel for unmatched durability. Our sub savers each go through a 100 percent thread inspection so they’re ready when you are.


The QuickFire® connection system is a Vermeer-original design. 

The QuickFire connection is manufactured from high-alloy material, machined to exacting tolerances and subjected to an industry-unique heat-treatment process for durability and reliability. It is available in multiple sizes for drilling rigs rated up to 5500 ft-lb (7455 Nm) of torque. On the jobsite, you’ll appreciate the coarse and tapered thread profile allowing four-turn makeup. It also features an eight-sided collar to make flat alignment easier to handle.

Premium Housing

The premium transmitter housings from Vermeer integrate many of the robust and proven design characteristics of the rock-focused Armor drilling system into a versatile tool for soft to intermediate ground conditions.

  • Heavy-duty, heat-treated transmitter lid helps minimize signal distortion caused by flexing.
  • Replaceable and highly adaptable rear API connection helps realize the full wear life of the housing, improving efficiency.
  • Dual gun-drilled water ports help maximize drilling fluid flow/pressure and decrease incidents of plugging.

Drill Bits

Vermeer Ace™ Bits

Vermeer Ace bits provide durability and wearability. The plug-style tooth design of the Ace bit allows teeth to be positioned closer to each other.

  • Standard – use on softer ground conditions that are more abrasive, medium packed soils and light gravel.
  • Pro – tackle loam to moderately aggressive cobble, sand and hard pan.
  • Premium – attack aggressive ground conditions such as heavy cemented cobble, hard packed soils and softer shale.
  • Extreme – qualified for a wider range of difficult, mixed ground conditions with over two times the amount of carbide buttons as the Ace Pro bit.

Hole Openers

Other Drill Bits

Vermeer drill bits are, in a word, tough. They start with Vermeer-specified high-alloy, heat-treated steel for durability and wear-resistance. Each bit is designed to meet the exacting tolerances for Vermeer HDDs to help maintain peak performance.
  • Standard/Standard Hardfaced
  • Shark
  • Gladiator Saber
  • Gladiator™ Spear
  • Gladiator Mallet
  • Gladiator Club

Replaceable Wing PDC Hole Openers

With its ground-up design, this polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) hole opener joins the ever-growing line of rock-focused tooling from Vermeer, targeting rock formations less than 25,000 psi (1723.7 bar)

From a single 2.875-in (2 7⁄8″) API box x box body, contractors can interchange wing sets for cutting diameters of 8 in (20.3 cm),10 in (25.4 cm) and 12 in (30.5 cm).With the ability to change sizes, users can maximize their investment in the single body. And in the event of wing damage, a single replacement wing can be purchased and installed in the field, rather than taking the tool out of service for an extended repair period.

Vermeer Roller Cone Hole Openers

Designed and built by Vermeer, Vermeer roller cone hole openers deliver optimized performance and wear life while working in some of the toughest ground conditions.

Spanning diameters of 8 in – 24 in (20 cm- 61 cm) in 2-in (5-cm) increments, this lineup offers several value-added features to meet the specific needs of your jobsite.

Armor drilling system

Prepare to win the tough jobs with the Armor® drilling system from Vermeer. It’s a single HDD tooling system with multiple drilling options designed to provide versatility and performance — one housing, multiple bits.

  • Gauntlet Bit – designed for use in soft to medium rock, shale and caliche ground conditions up to 10,000 psi. Also available in bolt-on version.
  • Lance™ Original Bit – use in hard-packed soil, gravel and cobble. Also available in bolt-on version.
  • Lance Pro Bit
  • Single Roller Cone Bit – bit is used for extreme cobbles and soft to medium rock.


Vermeer puts its full range of reamer solutions to work for you. From the tried and true to pioneering designs, our lineup is ready to handle a wide variety of ground conditions you run into. As always, with Vermeer you can expect a world-class product offering to help meet your needs. Plus, when you come across the unexpected, you can rely on us for customized tooling options to meet specific applications, ground conditions and, of course, your personal preferences.

  • Fluted – Ideal for rugged ground conditions ranging from hard pan and soft rock to cobble.
  • T-Rex™ – This reamer is ready for cobble, chunk rock and soft rock.
  • Mix Master – Intended for sandy loam, sticky clay and other reactive ground conditions.
  • Diamond Wing Cutter
  • Fly Cutter – Use in a variety of ground conditions including sandy soil loam and soft, medium and hard soil.
  • Supreamer™
  • Barrel – Best used in sandy soil loam, soft soil and medium soil.
  • Helical Plus – This Vermeer-original design helps you tame sandy loam and clay.


Choose from a full line of options, fitting small to large rigs. Available connections include hex collar, QuickFire connection system and API for ease of compatibility with a wide range of reamers and other tooling. Plus, count on our angular contact bearing design to handle thrust and radial load. Try our most recent addition to the swivel family – the quickshot swivel, which is most frequently used in conjunction with the drill bit quickshot hole for pulling back product pipe.


Whether you’re working with HDPE, PVC or PE, you’ll find a full range of puller options to help meet your product pipe type and size.

  • Duct – You can get a grip on the job with our duct puller that features high thread engagement. It’s durable, too, with heat-treated, high-alloy steel construction.
  • Sleeved – With Vermeer sleeved pullers, a protective sleeve guards the leading edge of the installation product, reducing the possibility of contamination and helping to prevent accidental release from the puller.
  • Expanded Tapered – As the leading edge of the installation product makes its way, it’s guarded by a protective sleeve that reduces the possibility of contamination and helps prevent accidental release from the puller. An advanced taperlock design helps prevent accidental unscrewing of the puller during installation or removal of pipe.
  • Pulling Grips – Help meet your job’s need. Available in double and triple-galvanized wire weave. Vermeer heavy-duty pulling grips feature a shouldered, double-weave, no-crimp design.


Thread Lube

Find thread lubes specially designed for seasonal applications and various HDD models, including the environmentally friendly Bio-Stick® grease. Bio-Stick grease is biodegradable, nontoxic and washable, making it an environmentally friendly solution to your thread lube needs. A Vermeer long-handle brush makes manual thread lube application quick and convenient.

    Breakout Tongs

    Whether making-up or breaking-out exit pit side tooling, the Vermeer PBD11500 breakout tongs should be something you carry with you every day to handle torqued direct connections. Unlike some competitive systems that can require a second set of hands, the PBD11500 features a tensioning design for ease of installation.

    Vermeer breakout tongs can handle tooling ranging from 1.66″ (4.2 cm) to 3.50″ (8.9 cm) in diameter and deliver up to 11,500 ft-lb (15,592 Nm) of torque. For crew organization, a hard plastic case is included.